Knowing Your Rights – Landlord Tenant Disputes

  • September 28, 2016
  • Landlords and Tenants

We are sure that there are probably some instances where housing landlords and their tenants get along perfectly well without any sign of an argument or crossed word. We are equally sure that there are also many disputes between parties which don’t get resolved and then escalate into something almost un-resolvable.

Among the most common types of disputes between landlords and tenants are those concerning, rent arrears, possession claims, deposit disputes, and damage or personal injury claims. When disputes are at an impasse and relations between a landlord and their tenant are deadlocked this is when a company such as Concept Law can help you break the deadlock and resolve your argument.

In many arguments, things are rarely black and white and some disputes arise out of simple misunderstandings. These usually revolve around what exactly are the rights and responsibilities on both sides. With an increasing tendency for tenants to fully appraise themselves of their rights, landlords need to know what their responsibilities are in order to protect themselves from litigation. For instance, if a landlord neglects his duty to provide a safe environment for his tenant and the tenant trips over a worn carpet, the landlord may find himself on the receiving end of a compensation claim.

Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

Among a landlord’s basic rights are – the right to charge a market rent and receive it when due; to agree terms of the tenancy; to evict a tenant if necessary or be given proper notice to quit by the tenant.

Among a landlord’s responsibilities are – to hold and manage deposits in a legally required manner; to regularly check the condition of the property and organise repairs; to correctly draw up a tenancy agreement and furniture inventory.

Tenants Rights and Responsibilities

Tenants must uphold their side of a tenancy agreement by – paying rent as agreed; they have the right to the due process of law; the right to be given the proper notice to quit; the right to a rent book.

Tenants have a responsibility – to take proper care of the property; avoid causing deliberate damage; not sub-let the property.

In many cases, a dispute can be solved before it starts to get out of hand and the first step whenever possible should always involve both parties sharing amicable discussion. But when this just isn’t possible the experienced solicitors at Concept Law can help you to negotiate a path through the legal minefield that are landlord/tenant disputes.



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