Road traffic accidents unfortunately still occur every day across the UK, some minor and some more serious. Due to the advances made by vehicle manufacturers in the field of safety many people can come out of a crash with no or very little injury. However there are often financial consequences which are not sufficiently covered by insurance.

What Are Vehicle Related Losses?

Most often this term relates to the repair of the vehicle after a crash and means that you will usually be required to pay a certain amount in ‘excess’ which sometimes has to be paid up-front. It also often means that you are left out of pocket if the excess amount is large and the repair costs are small.

No matter how well the vehicle is repaired afterwards the fact that it has been in an accident could have an impact on its resale value. When it comes to items that are in your vehicle at the time of the accident it is important for you to know what is covered by insurance and what is not. Things that are not covered, such as laptops or items of shopping for example still constitute financial loss.

A legal expenses insurance clause on your policy will not necessarily cover everything and much depends on the viability of your claim. To navigate through the minefield of what you can claim for and how to do it, Concept Law are able to help you with all aspects of a claim following a road accident.

Another consideration concerns what happens when your vehicle is off the road either being repaired or awaiting write-off status. This is a time when you can incur significant costs and inconvenience relating to the loss of use of your vehicle. For instance you may need to either hire a replacement vehicle while yours is off the road or use public transport or taxis.

If you use your vehicle in a business related capacity you may incur losses as a result of not having access to a vehicle. In all these cases you may find yourself having to pay up-front costs to cover a replacement vehicle and hire charges can be punitive. If your vehicle has had to be transported away from the scene of the accident and then put into storage this can see costs mounting up and, if you claim from a third party there could be a considerable dispute over what costs they will pay.

What Should You Do?

The first thing is to talk to expert solicitors in Nelson who will help you decide whether you have a claim for compensation and how we can work together to get the best possible outcome. Establishing the facts and opening up a line of communication is the first step.
Here at Concept Law we can start by advising you on what kind of information detail and documentation you need to provide in order to get your vehicle related losses claim started and achieve the best result for you.

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