Government Attempts to Reduce Whiplash Claims

  • December 23, 2016
  • Personal Injury

Whiplash is a painful injury and can result from several different kinds of accidents. It is a common injury with rear-end shunts involving two or more vehicles.

For those people who have suffered from whiplash, they will look on with dismay at the Government-led onslaught against innocent victims of accidents. The Government has proposed further restrictions of the medical reporting fee structure. This assessment provides the detail as to how much claimants should receive in compensation when they make a personal injury whiplash claim.

Is There a Compensation Culture Myth?

It is difficult to know who is responsible for peddling the compensation myth but it is a myth that perpetuates to this day.

Whiplash is not an imaginary injury – it can be incredibly painful and unpleasant and yet there is a drive to make it increasingly difficult for whiplash victims to claim the compensation that they are entitled to.

The insurance industry back the changes, purporting that preventing low-level whiplash claims, the ‘ordinary motorist’ will save money on their car insurance.

Fraudulent Claims Are the Minority

Undoubtedly, there are some whiplash compensation claims that are fraudulent but they are thankfully in the minority. This is because the system of claiming personal injury compensation is not broken, especially with highly reputable personal injury laws like Nelson Solicitors Concept Law on the case.

Accident victims with whiplash injury should have their claims taken seriously. Although there is no Government stated aim to end people’s right to whiplash claims for compensation for whiplash injuries completely, the insurance industry is lobbying hard to reduce and diminish claims. It may be that eventually, at some point in the future, making a claim for whiplash may not be possible.

Have You Suffered a Whiplash Injury?

If you have suffered whiplash, you will understand the pain and agony of this soft tissue injury to the neck, shoulders and arms.

Our advice is that if you suffered whiplash in an accident that was not your fault – car accident or otherwise – at some time in the last three years, contact us today about the possibility of claiming personal injury compensation before it is too late.

As with all personal injury claims, you will need to have sought medical attention and treatment for a whiplash injury.

As an innocent victim of an accident, you have a right under law to claim compensation but, for whiplash injury, this is under threat.

If you are uncertain and need legal aid or advice then contact Concept Law.